Help Your Lawn Thrive: Why Use Compost Top Dressing

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If you're trying to improve the health of your lawn, it's time to think about top dressing. Top dressings can provide a variety of benefits for your lawn. But, you need to choose the right type of top dressing. A lot of people choose basic mulch for their lawn top dressing, but there's a better option. Instead of using a basic garden mulch, switch to compost for your lawn top dressing. Compost goes beyond basic mulch when it comes to ensuring good lawn growth. If you're not sure you need compost top dressing, read the list below. You'll find four ways that compost top dressing benefits your lawn.  

Improve Soil Nutrient Retention

If your soil doesn't have enough nutrients, it can't keep your lawn healthy. Unfortunately, ordinary mulch won't add the nutrients your lawn needs. That's where compost top dressing comes into the picture. Compost is rich in vital nutrients that your lawn needs for good health. Apply a layer of compost top dressing. That way, the nutrients get absorbed into the soil where your lawn can use them. 

Enhance Soil Microbial Levels

If you don't see toadstools growing in your lawn, or your soil doesn't have worms, it's time for a change. You might not realize this, but worms and toadstools are signs that your soil is healthy. Ordinary mulch doesn't promote healthy microbial levels. That means you won't see toadstools or worms. That's why you need to switch to a compost top dressing. Compost enhances soil health, which increases microbial activity. That means you'll see plenty of beneficial toadstools and worms. 

Increase Moisture Retention

If your lawn is looking a little yellow, there could be a problem with moisture retention. Without enough moisture, your lawn can't stay green. Unfortunately, poor soil conditions can prevent adequate moisture retention. That means your lawn can't use the moisture it gets. That's where compost top dressing becomes beneficial. Compost top dressing helps soil retain more moisture. That way, water has a chance to get absorbed into the roots. 

Reduce Weed Production

If weeds are ruining your lawn, don't add mulch. Mulch can contain weed seeds. If it does, you could increase weed growth when you use mulch as a top dressing. Compost is different. Compost stops growth. That's because there are no weed seeds to worry about. Plus, compost top dressing blocks out the sun, which stops weeds from germinating. That way, you get a weed-free lawn.  

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