5 Factors That Impact Commercial Mowing Services

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Hiring a lawn care service for your large commercial property is the best way to handle general upkeep. Most lawn services come out once a week during the warm season to keep the lawn trimmed and looking good. There are several factors and additional services that impact the quote you will receive for weekly commercial lawn maintenance.

1. Signage and Obstructions

Commercial properties often have fixed obstructions in lawn areas that can't easily be moved, which may include signage, bolted-down benches, and light posts, to name a few. It takes longer to mow the property depending on the amount of obstructions that must be mowed around. Hand tools, like weed trimmers, may also be necessary when commercial mowers can't approach closely to these items due to size. 

2. Surface Water Catchments

Most large properties are required to provide some sort of catchment system for surface water, such as retention ponds and drainage zones. Although these are usually integrated into the landscaping as far as appearances go, they can make it more difficult to mow the bordering areas. Lawn grass can intermingle with the pond plants that are often grown around these catchments to make them attractive, so handheld weeders and similar tools must be used. 

3. Sidewalk Edging Needs

The grass will begin to creep over the edges of the sidewalk or parking lot curbing as it grows. Not only does this look bad, but it can also pose a tripping and liability hazard. There are also concerns that too much edge overgrowth may interfere with access for those in wheelchairs or using mobility devices. Periodic edging services can keep everything looking neat, as well as ensure that the sidewalks are not a safety concern.

4. Desired Mowing Patterns

Choosing interesting mowing patterns can make a commercial lawn more eye-catching, which can sometimes attract business. Interesting patterns work best on larger lawn areas. Your mowing service can do a variety of different geometric designs, such as striping, checkerboards, or concentric circles. There may be an extra fee for this service, depending on the complexity and time it takes to complete the pattern.

5. Grass Clipping Disposal

Something must be done with the grass clippings. Most lawn mowing services include disposal, as the clippings will need to be hauled off for disposal. Some services may offer another option — mulching. They will use mulching mowers that chop the clippings up fine and spread them evenly across the lawn. This service can save on disposal fees, plus the mulched grass decomposes and provides nutrients to the lawn.

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