Want Beautiful Landscaping? Keep It That Way By Hiring A Landscape Maintenance Service

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If your landscaping is beautiful, it will not stay that way unless you properly maintain it throughout the growing season. This can take a lot of time and effort. If you are busy and do not have the time needed, you can hire a landscape maintenance company. Keep reading to learn of two services they will offer you. 

Lawn Maintenance 

No matter how beautiful your landscaping is, if the lawn is in bad condition it takes away from the beauty. A landscape maintenance service can help you with your lawn to keep it in good condition so it looks lush and green all year. 

One thing they can do is apply fertilizer to the lawn. Fertilizer keeps the grass growing and healthy. This allows the grass the ability to fight off diseases. The fertilizer also adds nutrients to the soil the grass needs in order to be green and healthy. There is fertilizer that is sprayed onto the grass and fertilizer that is slow release, so it releases a little at a time throughout the growing season.  There is also pre-emergent fertilize that is sprayed onto lawns before weeds start to grow. 

They can also aerate your lawn if needed. If the soil is hard nutrients, water, and air cannot get through it. If your lawn is like this, you will see dead grass spots or areas that have yellowed. The lawn maintenance services use an aerator that either punches holes in the ground or pulls out plugs of soil. 

Remove Weeds

Weeds can quickly take over a yard including the lawn, flower beds, around shrubs, and more. Once they take over, they continue to spread and may drown out flowers causing them to die. Some weeds are hard to remove as they are perennials and will only keep growing back again. 

A lawn maintenance service can identify lawn weeds for you to allow them to develop a plan to remove them. If weeds still grow, there are chemicals they spray on the lawn to kill them. 

They will take care of weeds in flower gardens, around shrubs, and more as well. These weeds can be pulled and will not grow back if the roots are also removed. They can also spray weeds with a chemical to kill them. The spray they use will not damage your flowers. If you do not use mulch, the landscape maintenance can install this for you. Mulch suppresses weeds so they will not grow. 

Talk with a landscape maintenance company to learn of more services they will offer you.