Follow These 3 Guidelines For Ideal, Timeless Landscaping

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Everyone wants to invest in landscaping that will last them for many years and make their home one of the most appealing in the neighborhood. However, if you handle your landscaping as a DIY project, you might choose obsolete styles or a design that doesn't complement your home. As such, it is best to work with a landscaping expert who is well-versed in current trends to help you choose a design that will give you the best value for your money. Here are three styles and tips to help you achieve timeless results as you plan your landscaping.

Choose a Low-Maintenance Garden

While many people enjoy having a garden, most dislike tending to it. Moreover, homeowners with hectic schedules prefer low-maintenance bushes and flowers and pay professionals to handle them. So, your way of life will be a factor in the landscaper's assessment of your needs. Ultimately, you can have a lush garden if you hire an expert to handle the labor. Moreover, a professional landscaper will know how to tune up and customize elements to suit your locality, climate, and tastes. For example, large terra cotta pots are ideal for growing different flowers and plant species, which you can display on a patio with attractive pavers.

Retain Plants Native to Your Area

It is advisable to stick to most of the vegetation native to your locality as you plan your landscaping. Chances are, there were local bushes, plants, and grasses before the earthmover scraped them all away to make room for your house. Note that these plants have evolved with the local environment for millennia, so they will naturally resist pests. Moreover, they will provide the garden with a splash of color and a new texture without the maintenance that houseplants require. Moreover, they have likely adapted to living off rainwater, and any composting material added from a bin will only make them healthier.

Go for a Shrinking Lawn

A sizable lawn was once a desirable feature in most residential properties. That said, large yards are becoming less common as water restrictions and weed killer bans increase in many communities. Moreover, homeowners are increasingly interested in using organic pesticides and fertilizers to rid their yards of weeds. In addition, the size of lawns is shrinking since technological advancements in lawn care are leaning toward cutting lawns down in size. Hence, it makes sense that you should do the same.

These are ideas you can implement when carrying out your next landscaping project. So, consult a landscaping expert and allow them to guide you in implementing a timeless design and plant combination. This way, you will improve the value of your property in the long run.

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