Three Reasons To Keep Your Plunge Pool As Small As Possible

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A plunge pool is one of the smallest types of in-ground swimming pools you can add to your yard. It's not conducive to swimming, but it will give you a place to cool off on hot summer days. When you contact a local pool building company to learn more about adding a plunge pool to your yard, one thing you'll discuss is what size you want. Plunge pools can vary in size, ranging from being capable of holding a few people at a time to providing just enough space for one person. While it can be tempting to choose a larger plunge pool, here are some reasons that a small design can be favorable.

Uses Less Yard Space

A lot of people opt for plunge pools when they have small yards. Regardless of the size of your yard, however, you may feel that a smaller plunge pool is advantageous. The smaller the pool, the less space it will take up. This can be ideal if you enjoy using your yard in various ways. For example, if you have large gardens that you don't want to reduce in order to accommodate your new pool, you'll want to keep its size small. Or, if you like the look of a tidy lawn and want to keep your lawn as large as possible, you'll favor a smaller plunge pool.

Costs Less

The smaller your plunge pool, the more affordable it will be. The installation of the pool will cost less because the pool company won't have to excavate as big of a hole in the ground, nor use as much in the way of materials to build the pool. In the months and years ahead, you'll continue to appreciate the affordability of a smaller plunge pool. For example, this pool will cost less to heat than a larger pool.

Easier To Manage

A lot of people use different covers on their plunge pools during times they're not in use. A solar cover will help to keep the water warm, while a security cover will prevent a pet from falling into the water. If you live alone, you might appreciate how a small plunge pool's covers are easy for you to manage on your own. If you were to choose a larger plunge pool, you might find that using the larger covers could be challenging without recruiting help from a neighbor or visiting family member. Contact a pool builder to learn more.