Why Tree Roots Are So Destructive To A Sprinkler System

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Sprinkler systems, like any exterior system, can be subjected to various stresses such as high water pressure, temperature fluctuations, and tree roots that will attempt to infiltrate your sprinklers. Tree roots in particular are difficult to deal with since trees will sometimes penetrate sprinkler systems in search of water. The last thing you want to do is to remove a beautiful tree and it's better to have your sprinkler system repaired and find a way to prevent root infiltration from damaging your sprinkler system again.

Why Tree Roots Are So Destructive

As tree roots penetrate a sprinkler system, they will penetrate lines or will squeeze against the lines. This will prevent your sprinkler system from functioning properly. You might end up with low water pressure or the sprinklers might begin leaking and this could lead to the soil becoming saturated. This might lead to root rot, which can hurt some of your plants.

Tree Root Removal

Tree roots might need to be removed in sections to protect the sprinklers. You do not have to remove all of the tree roots and this will damage your trees, but you can remove the roots that are the most in the way of the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Repairs

The repair technician repairs a sprinkler line by looking at a location on your property that has a leak or by finding a sprinkler head that does not have a lot of flow. The sprinkler system will be turned off first. It's possible to find a damaged sprinkler line by simply listening to the sound of running water.

While this will not reveal the exact location of the leak, it can make it easier to narrow down the location. The water should be spraying out of the sprinkler head instead of out of the sprinkler line.

The technician then digs up the damaged pipe so that it can be replaced. The pipe will be examined first to make sure that it is actually damaged before replacing it. Once the pipe has been replaced, the technician will backfill the excavated area.

Preventing Issues in the Future

Fortunately, after you have had your sprinklers repaired, you may be able to avoid root damage in the future. A sprinkler installation technician is able to predict the route that roots will grow and is able to place design a sprinkler system that is less likely to become damaged in this way.

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