Make a Vibrant Landscape Year-Round with Help from Professionals

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A quick look at your landscape throughout the seasons may reveal that spring, summer, and part of autumn have the most vibrant months. Once leaves fall off trees and other plants go dormant as temperatures decrease through autumn, you may notice the vibrancy is gone.

When you often use the backyard during these vibrant months, you may be interested in making your landscape look and feel vibrant all year. Hiring landscapers is worthwhile because they can help with strategic additions and upgrades to achieve this goal.

Evergreen Trees

An excellent start is to make plans for evergreen trees throughout the landscape. These trees are important because they will keep their leaves and needles all year long. As soon as the deciduous trees lose their leaves, your evergreen trees will provide color for the landscape.

Ideally, you want to balance where you grow these trees to ensure that everywhere you go, you will be able to see greenery. A smart move is to ask landscapers about all your native evergreen options because they can show you what they look like and discuss their unique qualities. This information will make it easy to narrow the list of trees to choose for your yard.

Winter Plants

While evergreen trees can keep your landscape green all year long, you may want to supplement them with plants that thrive in winter. An excellent example is winterberries, which grow in fall and winter and produce colorful berries in either yellow, orange, or red. The great thing about these plants is that they will also produce flowers throughout the summertime.


Most boulders are not bright and bold in color. However, you can still find colorful boulders with various color tones, including green, red, and blue. Placing large boulders throughout your landscape can act as decorative features that require little to no upkeep. You can place them in easily noticeable areas, and they will boost the yard's vibrancy in late autumn and all winter.


Some mulch that you use for mulch beds can look quite neutral. However, you want to prioritize the colorful ones to enjoy a vibrant landscape all year long. An excellent example is picking rubber mulch or dyed wood chips in the color you want throughout the yard. You can pick a color your landscape lacks or one that meshes with your berries and flowers.

Work on these projects with a landscape service such as Lytle Landscape and Construction to create a vibrant landscape year-round.