Plan The Design Of An Outdoor Pizza Station

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Your landscape design may impact the design of a new stainless steel pizza station. A pizza oven can be secured to an immobile base that is constructed of brick, stone, or another building material that your home's exterior or hardscaped surfaces are constructed of. A landscape designer will guide you in choosing a cohesive and convenient design. 

The Main Components

A dome-shaped top, a cooking stone, a hearth, an exhaust pipe, and base materials comprise self-standing ovens and ovens that will be permanently anchored to a concrete deck or patio. A mobile unit can be set up on top of a stainless steel cart or a countertop that is part of an outdoor kitchen space. Your landscape designer will assess your outdoor space and inspect some of the building elements that have been used to construct your home and build the landscaped sections of your property.

The main materials that are used in the design of your home and property can be utilized when designing your outdoor oven. Perhaps, you will decide to have a brick or stone hearth installed, which will use a similar design as some of your home's or yard's features. 

Functionality And Safety

Your outdoor pizza oven setup may require that you mix ingredients, wash cookware, and serve your guests. A handwashing station, serving and prep station, and dining area can all possess similar elements to the pizza oven. A landscape designer will consider space constraints, which may necessitate that you have the pizza oven and other essentials installed further away from your home than you initially planned upon.

The installation of a concrete slab will provide a flame-retardant area to cook on. A large slab that is installed in the central part of your yard or along one defined area that borders your property can be used to store all of the cooking gear and furnishings that will be utilized during each pizza meal prep and serving session. Your designer will give you suggestions about pizza oven sizes and designs that will adequately fit on your property and provide you with a safe, functional way to prepare foods.

If you have a large yard, you may decide to invest in a large stainless steel unit. A unit that contains multiple cooking levels can be used to prepare several pizzas at once. The installation of a wood cart and cleaning tool storage area will ensure that you have everything you need to prepare pizzas and clean up.

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