Moved To A Property That Has A Lot Of Trees? 2 Tips To Keep Them In Good Shape

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If you moved to a new property and it has a lot of trees, there are many things you can do to keep the trees healthy and in good shape. Keep reading so your trees will last you a long time and provide you with a lot of shade. 

Trim the Trees

Tree trimming is important for many reasons. One it helps keep the trees healthy. This is mainly because during the trimming process the tree trimmer will thin out the canopy, which is the top part of the tree. This area gets thick over time, and when this happens, water has a hard time getting through all the thickness. This means the water does not get down to the roots where it is needed. The sun cannot get through a thick canopy, so trees that need a lot of sun will not grow properly.   

Trimming trees also removes dead branches and branches that are crossed or tied up together. All these branches can fall from the tree, which would result in injury to someone or something. Trimming trees also allows the tree service company to see if any of the trees are having health problems so you can take care of them quickly.

Water, Fertilizer, and Mulch

Watering the trees is important especially if there are any young trees. Research the type of trees you have and the amount of water they need. Also fertilizing the trees will help them stay healthy. For young trees, fertilizer them approximately once a year, and for mature trees, fertilize them every two to three years. The tree trimming service can also give you fertilization tips. 

Visit a garden center and tell them the kind of trees you have, and they can help you choose the right type of fertilizer. What you choose will also depend on how large your trees are. For example, smaller trees will not require the same amount of fertilizer as larger trees. Along with fertilizer, putting a few inches of mulch around the tree is also important as it will help hold in moisture. If you use mulch, choose organic mulch as this works well for trees. This will include things like pine needles, wood chips, leaves, cocoa hulls, and softwood or hardwood bark. All these things compose over time and provide nutrients to the soil. 

The tree trimming company can give you many more tips on how to keep your trees healthy and growing well for you.