What To Expect When Having Your Home's Water Damage Restored

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Suffering water damage at home can make life a lot harder on everyone in the household. Luckily, a water restoration company can make the process of cleaning up and restoring the damage that has been done an easy and convenient process. Here is what you can expect when having water damage in your home restored:

An Initial Consultation

The first thing that should happen after hiring a company to restore your home's water damage is an initial consultation. Your service provider will schedule an in-home consultation when it is convenient for you and your family. During the consultation appointment, your service provider will utilize special tools and equipment to detect water inside your home where it is not easy to find with the naked eye, such as inside the walls and under your flooring whether tiles, laminate, or wood. Once the damage has been assessed, you and your service provider will sit down and create a restoration plan together.

Personal Content Organization

Before the structural aspects of your home can be restored after succumbing to water damage, all of your personal belongings will have to be inventoried, cleaned, organized, and properly stored away from the scene. Your service provider will work with you to figure out what is salvageable, then save what they can and help you relocate the items to a safe place until your home is restored and ready to live in again.

Water Expulsion

After all your personal belongings in the water-damaged areas of your home have been removed, your service provider will get to work expelling the water from your home. This includes all the nooks and crannies, even within the walls and carpeting. After the water is expelled from your home, everything will be thoroughly dried.

Structural Repairs

All the floors, walls, ceilings, and other components of your home that have succumbed to serious water damage must be repaired or replaced before the house will be ready to live in again. Your service provider should work with a project manager and your insurance company to get the repair and replacement work done in a timely fashion so that you don't have to wait any longer than necessary to get back into your home.

A Final Walkthrough

Before you move your belongings back into your restored home, your service provider will do a thorough walkthrough of each room to make sure that no problems are still present. If necessary, they will walk your insurance adjuster through the house to ensure that everything meets their standards. You will have an opportunity to inspect the work and make sure that you are satisfied with it too.

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