Pond Pointers: How A Landscape Designer Can Help You Create The Best Pond For Your Outdoor Space

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What is there not to love about the sight of a relaxing pond in a backyard? Ponds offer an aesthetic value to an outdoor space, but they also allow homeowners to catch of glimpse of nature while being surrounded by frogs, fish, dragonflies, and a variety of birds. Hiring a landscape developer is important to make sure your pond is located at the right spot and sustainable for your climate.

Finding the best location

A landscape designer will help you determine the best location for your new pond. Soggy soil areas can make it difficult for pond liners to stay put and rocky terrain can lead to leaks. The right pond location is the most important decision your landscape designer will make.

The ideal location is a spot near the house that makes it easy for you to access the pond and enjoy its amazing water features. Your designer can help you find the closest spot to your home with the most ideal soil conditions.

Choosing materials for construction

Pond liners vary between manufacturers and are typically constructed of plastic or rubber. The wrong liner can degrade in the sun over time and may require replacement. Landscape designers can spot quality in a liner and often have brands they prefer and can recommend.

Ponds also require pumps, aeration devices, rock substrates, and other components to function properly. Having the right components will make your pond function well, and your designer will choose the best elements to make your pond a success.

Size matters

It can be difficult to determine the right size and depth of a pond. Landscape designers can make recommendations based on how you wish to use your pond now and in the future. For instance, if you do not plan to add fish now, you should still plan for adding them in the future, as most homeowners eventually like to add koi or goldfish to their pond.

Fishponds require greater depth to sustain fish over the winter months in some climates. It is usually best to design a larger pond that will grow with you should your needs change in the future.

Adding a pond to your outdoor space will enhance the quality of the time you spend outside. Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening at home with your family or entertaining friends, your pond will be a beautiful addition to your landscape design that you will enjoy for years to come.

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