Three Problems Your Sprinkler System May Need Repaired

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Lawn sprinklers can be the easiest option for irrigating your landscaping. Due to the fact that these systems are normally extremely reliable, individuals may not be prepared for some of the problems that these systems can experience.

Sputtering Sprinklers

In order to function, your sprinkler system will need to have extremely high pressure. This pressure will allow for the jet from the sprinklers to cover the areas. There are a number of different problems that the sprinklers can experience that will be able to reduce the pressure of the water that is coming from the system. Unfortunately, there are many problems that can lead to this type of problem. One of the more serious problems can be the development of a major leak in the line that is supplying the sprinkler head with water. A slightly less serious cause of this problem can be due to the sprinkler head itself becoming warped.

Persistent Puddles Near The Sprinkler Lines

A leak in the buried lines that supply the sprinkler can be one of the most serious problems that the system will experience. This is due to the difficulties of identifying the location of the leak as well as the need to excavate the yard in order to replace the damaged section of the sprinkler system. If you notice that there is a puddle of water forming along the ground, this is one of the primary indicators that this problem is arising with the system, and you should act quickly to repair it. Otherwise, the landscaping could experience major damages that may be expensive to repair.

Faulty Control Mechanism

Problems with the automation controls for the sprinkler system can be another common problem that will have to be repaired. Problems with these controls can lead to the sprinklers failing to activate at the correct time, stopping too soon or even running too long. Replacing the control panel and mechanism for the sprinklers can be extremely complicated, and homeowners should avoid making this repair on their own. There can be a risk of suffering a dangerous shock or even failing to effectively calibrate these systems.

It is a reality that many individuals will fail to appreciate the potential warning signs and problems that their sprinkler systems can suffer. In order to be able to minimize the disruptions and damages that these issues can cause, it is important to have a thorough understanding about the most likely problems that your sprinklers are to encounter. And it never hurts to get help from a company like a Ronnow Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. to help if the issue gets out of hand.