Tree Maintenance Services Young Trees On Your Newly Developed Commercial Property Might Need

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If you manage a newly built apartment complex or commercial building that has young trees on the property, you'll probably want regular tree maintenance so the trees develop a beautiful shape and grow safely as they mature. If left to grow wild, trees can sometimes become hazards, and that can be prevented with proper maintenance. Here are some things a tree maintenance service might do to ensure the health and beauty of your trees.

Prune Branches At The Appropriate Time

Pruning is important for young trees and for trees that produce flowers in the spring. Pruning eliminates branches that grow in the wrong direction, and it gets rid of unwanted growth so the tree can send nutrients to buds, flowers, and leaves in the spring. Pruning improves the appearance of trees as they grow, and it also helps trees stay healthy by getting rid of dead branches.

Trim Trees That Get In The Way

Even if trees are pruned to grow a certain way, the branches can sometimes get in the way when the trees have growth spurts. Branches might start brushing against a building, obstruct a sidewalk, or block vision around the parking lot.

Trees should be trimmed as they grow so they aren't hazards on your property. They shouldn't rub against any buildings or block the line of sight for people driving around the lot. You may need the trees trimmed every year or so to keep them tidy and to keep their branches under control.

Check Trees After A Big Storm

Young trees are more vulnerable to damage from strong wind and heavy rain. A tree might start to lean after a storm, and it's important to straighten the tree if possible and hold it with a brace or stakes until it's growing straight again. Otherwise, the leaning tree could become a safety hazard when it gets bigger.

The tree maintenance service can also check for snapped branches after a storm and cut them away so the damaged area doesn't attract insects or get infected and cause the tree to get sick and die.

Water Young Trees When They Need It

Young trees don't have deep roots yet, so they're vulnerable during times of drought. The tree maintenance service may need to water trees until they get established to make sure they don't die during long periods without rain. Trees might also need treatment for insect invasions and tree diseases.

Caring for trees involves more than just trimming branches. In order for young trees to grow into healthy and beautiful mature trees, they may need supplemental water, fertilizer, mulch, and watchful care.