Decks 2021: Exciting Deck Trends To Watch For In The Coming Year

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If you are thinking about adding a deck to your outdoor space or replacing an existing deck, there are plenty of things to get excited about in deck trends for the new year. With many families spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, having a well-designed deck will give you more living space to use for recreation or relaxation. A new deck is also a great family holiday gift idea that everyone in your household will benefit from.

Bigger decks

Move over little decks and make way for larger decks. As the demand for more living space increases, look for larger decks to show up in 2021 in backyards across the country. Decks are no longer just a place for a small grill and a few lawn chairs but are an extension of your indoor living space.

Multilevel decks

Multilevel decks make it easy to transform space into an outdoor room with a separate section for various activities. For instance, one level can be used for establishing an outdoor kitchen, another can be used for the dining area, and another level can be used for a sitting area. Multilevel decks also add eye appeal and style to your outdoor space.

Play and activity decks

Play and activity decks are a perfect fit for a tall deck with a full story underneath. Install a rock-climbing wall to keep the kids entertained and a large plastic slide on the top level for them to slide back down. Play and activity decks may contain built-in swings on the bottom level and make it easy for you to relax and entertain on your deck while keeping an eye on the children.

Covered decks

As homeowners want to maximize the use of their decks, look for covered decks to take center stage. Adding shelter over your deck will turn it into an all-weather relaxation and entertainment space. Deck roofs, awnings, sun sails, pergolas, and built-in pavilions are options for keeping your deck protected from the elements.

Now is the perfect time to meet with your deck contractor and get started designing the deck of your dreams. Contractors may be less busy during the winter, which can make it easier to get your deck built in a timely manner. Once your new deck is built, you can begin planning for outdoor furniture to get this space ready for the warmer months ahead. Contact a deck contractor for more information.