Landscaping and Lawn Care Recommendations for Successful Yard Care

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A yard around your property provides you a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it can be difficult to enjoy the yard if it's lacking vegetation and landscaping improvements. However, you can add a few simple elements or increase to a more expansive landscape plan to improve your property, depending on your needs and budget. Here are some recommendations for you to keep your yard and its landscaping in the best condition.

1. Install a Drought-Tolerant Lawn 

A lawn is a great way to improve your property because it covers the soil and prevents erosion from wind and water. The lawn will also help cool your outdoor space when the temperatures of summer increase. But if you are worried about drought conditions or excessive heat in your area, there are many available options to help. 

Some of the best drought-tolerant grasses include Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. Talk to your landscaping and lawn professional about their pricing and find out about installation options, whether this is from sod, hydroseeding, or loose seeding. These types of lawns only need anywhere from one-half inch to one inch of water each week to stay green. Plus, they can go dormant for several weeks without water before dying. 

You may also want to consider planting your lawn in a smaller area of your yard and covering the surrounding surfaces with a decorative gravel or wood chips mulch material. This will still provide you with the lawn you want but without as much maintenance each week. Your landscape and lawn professional will also be able to provide lawn care services to help you out with regular mowing, weeding, aeration, watering, and fertilization.

2. Control Pests

Pests in your yard and lawn landscaping can become a huge problem. For example, grub worms within the soil of your lawn can eat the roots of your lawn and kill off large sections completely. To repair the lawn, you will need to eliminate the grub worms before replanting your lawn. 

Another type of yard pest is a vole or a gopher, which will burrow a network of tunnels just below the surface of your yard. They will kill off roots of your trees, plants, and lawn, and leave your soil at risk of collapse. You can work with your local landscaping and lawn professionals to remove the animals from your yard and prevent their return. They can recommend safe treatments for your yard to protect any pets or children who play nearby.

For more information, contact local turf management services.