Types Of Paver Stones To Choose For Your New Patio

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If you're planning to put in a new patio yourself and you don't want the hassle of working with concrete, then consider using pavers instead. There are several types of paver stones, so you can buy something that is a perfect complement to your home and that looks more attractive than a dull gray slab of concrete. Here are some choices in pavers.

Manufactured Pavers

When you visit a paver stone supplier, you'll notice there are several options in pavers, but just two main types: manufactured and natural stone. Manufactured pavers include concrete and brick. These are usually in uniform shapes and sizes, although you can choose different color shades. If you want all the pavers to look the same, then concrete or brick could be a good choice. Concrete and brick are both easy to care for and last a long time, so they're a good choice for a patio. 

Reasons you may want to consider manufactured paver stones is because they are less expensive, with concrete being the most affordable. Since they are uniform in appearance and size, they are easier to install by yourself. However, since you can get bricks and concrete pavers in different colors, you can also create patterns and designs with the pavers to give your patio a truly unique appearance.

Natural Stone Pavers

There's nothing quite as luxurious as natural stone pavers. These are cut from the earth so they come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in different colors, such as bluestone which has a blue color. Real stone is very durable and has been used for centuries to build roads and paths. Cobblestone was once used to build roads, and these pavers would give your patio a look of historic charm. Other natural stone pavers to consider are flagstone if you love an irregular shape and want a cool stone for bare feet, travertine if you want classic beauty, and marble for a unique upscale appearance.

Reasons to choose natural stone include the beautiful appearance of these pavers and because of the durability of stone in general. Installing natural stone pavers is more challenging when you try to create a continuous surface with an irregularly shaped stone such as flagstone, but the end result is worth it. A stone patio can be a beautiful complement to your home and a joy to spend time on, especially when compared to a boring concrete slab.

Visit a paver stone supplier and look at the options available. You'll want to compare the sizes and shapes of the pavers as well as their color so you can choose something that's a good match for your property. Also, your budget is important since the price of paver stones varies according to the type and quality of the stone you choose.