Helpful Information About Concrete Retaining Walls

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Are you frustrated because rainwater always rolls off of the hills in your yard and rests against the house? You can put an end to the problem by investing in concrete retaining walls for your yard. Retaining walls can actually provide several benefits that you can take advantage of. Take a look at this article for more information about concrete retaining walls so you can decide if you want one installed or not.

Types of Concrete Wall Options

The great thing about investing in concrete retaining walls is that you will have several different types to choose from. Concrete panels are ideal if you want installation to not take a long time to accomplish. The panels will simply be installed beside one another and will not have to be constructed on site. You also have the option of getting retaining walls that are constructed out of interlocking concrete blocks, which will be stacked on top of each other on site. Poured concrete retaining walls are another option, and with this option the concrete is mixed, poured, and cured on site.

The Benefits Included

Concrete retaining walls are beneficial because they can prevent water from rolling off of hills and damaging the foundation of your house. For instance, as water rests against your house when it rains, pressure is created that causes soil to push against the foundation. The foundation can shift and develop cracks from the pressure. Another benefit is that your yard will have more curb appeal. Concrete blocks can be stamped to mimic other types of materials and are also available in various colors that can complement the trimming on your house.

What You Should Expect to Pay

The complexity of installation will play a major role in the price, and the complexity of the installation will be affected by things such as how sloped your hills are and the condition of the soil. The type, size, width, and height of the concrete retaining walls that you want installed will also have an effect on the overall price. If you want interlocking concrete blocks installed by a professional, you should expect to pay $15 per square foot or more. Poured concrete retaining walls are priced on the highest end of the scale, and you should expect to pay an estimate of at least $30 or more per square foot. Make an appointment with a professional contractor such as Rock Solid Services LLC​ so a concrete retaining wall can be installed around the hilly areas of your yard.