Three Approaches To Landscape Design: How To Match An Approach To Your Personal Style

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Landscaping, like interior design, can be matched to your individual style. There are several different approaches to landscape design, but if you just want something simple, there are three basic approaches that can be matched to what you want and need. Here are those approaches and how to match them to your personal style.

Elevated For Ease

You just do not want to spend hours bent over mulched flower beds doing weekend yard maintenance. If this sounds like you, then maybe you would really enjoy the "elevated" landscaping approach. All flowers and small bushes are planted in elevated and stepped garden beds that bring the flowers and bushes up to your waist. Everything is easy to see, easy to reach, and easy to care for, which is also ideal for retirees and senior citizens who cannot do a lot of crouching, bending, or kneeling because of arthritis.

Easy To Grow

If you cannot grow anything green to save your life because you frequently forget to water it, then maybe desert landscaping would be the better approach for you. The landscape designer works with flowering cacti, sand, desert stone and rocks and limited-time blooming plants to create your landscape. This is also a good option if you live in a part of the country that is currently experiencing an ongoing drought because you will only have to water the cacti and plants a few times a month, at the most. 

Pretty And Private

Natural privacy is created through the use of large bushes and shrubs interspersed along your property lines. If you also want it to be pretty as well as private, you can request that the bushes and shrubs that are planted are all flowering varieties. Your landscaper can research various flowering shrubs and bushes to see which ones flower at different times of the growing season and then plant bushes and shrubs that will bloom throughout the warm months and in all different colors. A variation on this approach is to have a landscaper regularly trim the hedges and bushes into imaginative topiary shapes or animals, like the royal gardens of old.


If you want something a little more elegant or flourishing, you could have a more complex landscape design but have the landscaper return regularly for maintenance. After establishing a working relationship with a landscaping designer, you can schedule extra services with him or her.  It also provides you with a way to enjoy a more complex, elegant or decorative landscape without having to care for it yourself. Companies like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape may be able to help.