Useful Landscaping Features For Your Yard

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If you're planning a backyard makeover, you're probably considering all kinds of installations. Some are a big investment, such as a pool or patio. Once you've settled on those, though, there are still a host of features you can have installed. Select the ones that will most benefit your outdoor living style.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a beneficial addition because it makes your yard or patio usable all year round and well into the dark hours. Your size choices range from a small tabletop fire bowl to a large installed pit suitable for a bonfire party. If you choose an installed pit, give careful consideration to the height. The Landscaping Network recommends 12 to 14 inches tall for propping feet on the edge and 18 to 20 inches tall for sitting on the edge. Another important choice is the fuel type, with wood being especially cozy but necessitating clean up. Both natural gas and propane don't require cleanup. However, you'll need a line run to the pit if choosing gas.

Built-In Seating

If you entertain a lot or just enjoy lounging, you'll need lots of seating. A useful option is having benches built into your area. You can have them ringing your patio, surrounding your fire pit or transforming a retaining wall with a view. With bench seating, you can have a space designed under the actual seat that provides additional storage. To freshen the look of your built-in seating, buy a selection of comfortable cushions that you change out depending on the season—or your mood.

Culinary Garden

A culinary garden is a feature that's both useful and beautiful. Many people plant container gardens, but if you have the space in your yard, consider creating a mini garden in the soil. Start with a foundation plant, such as a berry bush or a bay laurel shrub. Choose a selection of herbs that you enjoy using in your meals. Likewise, consider adding a few vegetables. If adding the latter, it's important to talk to your local landscapers about your how your soil can best serve the vegetable plants' needs.

Garden Path

Once you've designed pretty landscaping and hardscaping, you and your guests will want to enjoy the scenery. A garden path is a likely addition for strolling through the yard. To keep the walkway casual, use natural stone or stone pavers. Likewise, keep guests on the path by edging it with flowers or ornamental grasses. It's not necessary to line the entire pathway—just add the plants along any curves or other areas guest may stray.

From fire pits to garden paths, your backyard can become a prime destination of your home. for more information, visit sites like