3 Lawn Care Tips For Your Backyard BBQ

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Hosting a BBQ is one of the most affordable ways to get a group of friends and family together. Since many people opt to host BBQ dinners in their backyard, having a well-manicured lawn is essential. Your lawn serves as a reflection of you, and you want to ensure that you put your best foot forward this BBQ season.

Here are three lawn care tips that you can use to ensure your lawn looks great throughout the summer grilling season.

1. Get rid of weeds early.

You need to look for weeds that have infiltrated your lawn well in advance of your next backyard BBQ. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they can steal valuable water and nutrient resources from your lawn.

If you plan to use a chemical weed killer to prune those pesky weeds from your backyard, you should keep in mind that it can take between 14 and 28 days for necrosis to completely set in. Having a landscaping company apply chemical weed killers a couple of weeks before your backyard BBQ ensures that weeds will have time to die completely before your guests arrive.

2. Treat urine spots.

Most dog owners enjoy letting their pooch spend some time outdoors. Unfortunately, the high nitrogen content in a dog's urine can wreak havoc on your lawn. If you notice that your lawn is showing signs of spotting caused by dog urine, contacting a landscape professional can help you treat these spots before your next backyard BBQ.

Urine spots that show signs of growth stimulation (the grass in these spots is greener than the rest of your lawn) could indicate a nitrogen deficiency in the rest of your lawn. A landscape professional can apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to help urine-stimulated growth spots blend. If too much nitrogen has caused the urine spots to turn brown, the turf in these spots can be removed and replaced with fresh sod before it's time to host your next BBQ.

3. Don't water until after your event.

Adding water to your lawn before a backyard BBQ could be disastrous. Not only will a soggy lawn post a threat to the integrity of your guests' shoes, but wet lawns are more susceptible to damage from lawn chairs and picnic tables.

Keeping the soil beneath your grass dry until after your BBQ has ended will allow you to maintain the structural integrity of your lawn throughout the summer grilling season.

Take the time to ensure your lawn is ready for a backyard BBQ by working with a landscape professional to get your yard looking its best. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like Heritage Lawn & Landscape LLC