Important Facts To Consider Before You Install A Lawn Sprinkler System

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If you are considering a sprinkler system for your lawn, taking the time to plan ahead for it is important for getting the best use from it. A lawn sprinkler system can help you achieve and maintain a lush, healthy landscape, but it can also cause problems if you do not plan ahead for its installation. Check out these tips for helping you get the most beneficial lawn sprinkler installation.

Consider Your Lawn's Dimensions And Obstacles

Before you invest in a sprinkler system, planning where your system will run is important. If you have a square lawn without any obstacles, your sprinkler system can be the easiest to install. However, if you are integrating a sprinkler system into a landscape that includes a picnic area, a swimming pool or decorative pond and decks off your house, you will need to plan a sprinkler route. For example, you do not want your sprinkler system too close to your deck. In the event you are having guests and everyone is one the deck, the last thing you want is the sprinkler system to come on and soak everyone. Making sure you take account these kinds of things when planning your sprinkler system route is a good idea.

Remember To Check Your Water Supply

While many homeowners are on a city water line, many others are using a well. If you have a well, think about the well pump you have and if it will be able to handle the exertion of a sprinkler system. If your well pump is too small, you may end up with extremely low water pressure in your home faucets and in your sprinkler system when the sprinkler comes on. If your home has a strong water pressure now and you are on a well, the chances are high you have a pump that can handle the average sized lawn sprinkler system. If you are unsure about the pump in well, contact a professional for helping you determine if it will be big enough to support a sprinkler system in your lawn.

Plan Your Sprinkler System According To Your Climate

Homeowners that live in tropical areas usually do not have to worry about below freezing temperatures freezing the pipes of their lawn sprinkler systems. However, people that live in areas that have harsh winters will need to consider the pipes freezing in their sprinkler systems. For this reason, choosing the appropriate pipe is best. Polyethylene sprinkler tubing is recommended for sprinkler systems in areas with harsh winters. If you live in an area that does not see cold weather, PVC pipe is a good choice for your sprinkler system.

Taking care of your landscape can help you enjoy it more. When the grass is bright green and the flowers are blooming, you can enjoy your gardens. By installing a lawn sprinkler system, the vital act of watering your landscape will be taken care of for you, which is a great way to have the landscape you want when you do not have the time to invest in it.