Create A Garden On Your Property With A Hydroseeder

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If you have recently purchased a used hydroseeder to assist with planting a garden on your property, learn how to use it with the following steps. A hydroseeder will add an even mixture of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch to the ground, promoting healthy growth and saving you time from needing to plant the garden by hand.


  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • rake
  • garden tiller
  • shovel 
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden hoe
  • hydroseeder
  • water hose
  • seeds
  • fertilizer
  • mulch

Measure And Mark The Ground

Use a measuring tape and garden stakes to outline the area being used to create a garden. Rake the ground to remove any rocks, twigs, or large pieces of debris. Move a garden tiller back and forth over the ground to remove grass and weeds and to turn the soil. Place materials that you have removed from the ground in a wheelbarrow so that you can easily transport them to another section of your yard.

Determine how many rows you would like to the garden to have. Use garden stakes to mark along the width of the garden where you will place each of the rows. Use a garden hoe to dig out a shallow line running across the garden in each marked section.

Fill The Hydroseeder's Tank 

Remove the hydroseeder's tank and fill it up with water until the waterline is just beneath the bottom of the agitating blades. Fill the tank with the type of seed that you wish to plant first. Read the instruction manual that came with the hydroseeder to determine how much mulch and fertilizer to add to the tank. Reattach the tank to the machine and turn on the agitator for a couple minutes to mix the components that were added to the tank.

Apply The Seed Mixture

Move the hydroseeder over to the edge of the first row in the garden. Point the machine's nozzle towards the ground while holding it several inches away. Squeeze the trigger to emit the seed mixture. Move the nozzle along the length of the first row until an even amount of the seed mixture has been added. Fill additional rows with the seed mixture if desired. Rinse out the hydroseeder's tank before adding another type of seed and the other components needed to make the seed mixture. Apply the mixture to the remaining rows in the garden.

Maintain The Garden

As long as the garden receives plenty of water and the appropriate amount of sunlight, the seeds that you have planted will sprout and grow to be healthy plants. Inspect the soil conditions in the garden regularly and add water as needed. Soon, you will have a beautiful garden that is filled with a variety of crops.

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