Three Chores You Should Handle Before Your Landscaper Comes Over

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Some landscaping professionals provide a completely full-service experience. They handle everything lawn and landscaping related, and you just pay the bill and enjoy your yard. However, if you are looking to enjoy the services of a lawn mowing professional or landscaper without a huge bill attached, there are three major things you can do to drastically reduce your bill. 

Water Your Lawn

This is an easy task. Water your lawn on a regular basis to keep the grass green and healthy. No amount of fertilizer and other treatments will keep your grass thick, lush and green if the grass is thirsty. Your lawn professional can help you design a sprinkler system that is effective and affordable so you can simply go out daily or every other day and turn the water faucet on so the grass gets a good soaking. If you want to invest a little bit more time and money, you can set your sprinklers up on a timer so they turn themselves on and off each morning or evening. This is a great hands-off approach that will cut your landscaping bill.

Clean Up Your Lawn

This is especially important if you have dogs. If you take care of the clean-up work before your lawn care professional comes over, your bill will be reduced at the end of every landscaping visit. Take the time to pick up after your dog so you don't have to pay someone else to do it. You can go outside with your dog during every trip if you want to pick things up as they happen. This will also give you time to spend with your dog; you can toss a tennis ball around after you handle yard cleanup. You can also wait and schedule time in your calendar once or twice per week to clean up the yard, depending on how often your lawn mowing guru comes to visit. You just want to make sure your lawn is clean and free of any land mines before it is mowed. 

Move Outdoor Furniture

This is another area that can save you some cash on your lawn expenses. If you have furniture in your yard - a picnic table, some lawn chairs - move it onto your patio or into your garage before your lawn care professional stops by to take care of your yard. This will reduce the time they spend at your home taking care of your lawn which will reduce your costs for lawn care.

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