Answering Three Common Questions About Drip Irrigation Systems

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Ensuring that your yard is regularly watered is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your yard looking lush and green. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners who may not appreciate the various options that can be used to water the yard. In particular, drip irrigation systems can be highly effective, but if you have limited experience with this type of irrigation system, the following questions and answers should help you to make a smart choice for meeting your yard's watering needs.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Drip Irrigation System?

One of the best benefits of opting for a drip irrigation system is that it is far more efficient than traditional sprinkler systems. Much of the inefficiency of sprinkler systems stems from the evaporation of the water as it soars through the air. However, a drip system avoids this because the water will gradually drip out of tubing that is placed on or just below the ground where evaporation will be kept to a minimum.

How Much Work Is Needed To Maintain A Drip Irrigation Service?

Some individuals may be hesitant about opting to have a drip irrigation system installed because they are worried about the maintenance needs of these systems. Luckily, drip irrigation systems require very little maintenance to keep them working correctly. The only work that these systems need to have regularly done is to go through a drip irrigation service once a year. During these service visits, a technician will test the system to make sure that there are no clogs or other issues with the system. Additionally, if the system uses a pump, it will be lubricated, any worn parts will be replaced and the pumps belts will be aligned.

Will A Drip Irrigation System Worsen Erosion Issues?

For some homes, erosion problems can be a constant battle. In addition to making it difficult to keep your plants alive, severe erosion can also pose a structural hazard to the structures on your property. Fortunately, drip irrigation systems should not worsen any erosion issues that your yard is experiencing. This is due to the fact that the water will gradually leak out of perforated pipes and tubes, which will minimize the force of the impact of the water hitting the soil as well as providing ample time for excess water to safely drain away. Also, it will allow you to use less water, and this may also help to reduce any erosion that your yard experiences. You can further reduce the risk of erosion from these systems by setting them on the lowest setting. While this will extend the amount of time needed to water your yard, it can be a minor price to pay to further avoid this potential problem.