Landscaping Ideas For Cat-Friendly Yards

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If you would love to have your cat hang out in the garden with you, there are a few stylish, cat-friendly additions that can make your yard more enjoyable for both you and your cat. You can make your yard fun for your cats while still maintaining a well-landscaped space. Here are four cat-friendly landscaping ideas you can incorporate into your yard.

1. Cat-Friendly Plants

Be sure to avoid plants in your yard that are poisonous to cats such as azaleas and rhododendrons. There are also a few additional plants you can add to your space that your cats will love. Catnip and cat grass both are easy to maintain and have a nice look that you can incorporate into your space. If your cat gets over-friendly with catnip or is eating down cat grass to quickly, small wire enclosures will keep plants protected while your cat can still enjoy these plants around the edges.

2. Bird Show for Cats

A great way to incorporate a live show right in your yard for cats is to cater to migrating birds that your cat can watch. Be sure to build birdseed holders and homes that are high off of the ground that your cat cannot reach. Homes and feeder that attract birds can also be great for cats that will watch from windows within your home. If your cat is a true hunter, it might not be worth it to have this added temptation. Be sure to keep your cat's personality in mind when attracting birds to your yard.

3. Running Water

Cats love having access to running water and this can easily be added to the landscape of any yard. If you can add in a fountain or pond with a filter or pump that keeps the surface moving, your cat will be attracted to this freshwater option. Make sure cats can access water safely and that you keep on top of cleaning water sources for your cat on a regular basis.

4. Fencing for Safety

If you would like your cat to enjoy the outdoors without wandering off, there are ways to cat-proof an enclosed backyard to discourage your cat from jumping fences. By incorporating screens or lattice that lean in towards your yard at the top, cats will not be able to scale this and escape. Do a safety check along the bottom of your fence and cover up any cat-sized openings you might find.

If you want to enjoy your yard with your entire family, this might also include the family cat. With a little creativity, work with your landscaping contractor to add features to your yard that will keep your cat safe and happy. The outdoors can be precarious for cats. If you can provide a safe oasis in your backyard, your cat can enjoy the outdoors and not have to venture any further.

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