Create A Chic Atmosphere In Your Backyard

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Chic is not always a word you associate with landscaping. However, if you have a contemporary home, perhaps you want your yard to resound with understated sophistication. While a simple lawn is a good start, it's also possible to add accenting and still maintain the chic profile. Add a touch of class to your backyard with your landscaping.

Choose Modern Hardscaping

If you want restrained landscaping in your backyard, then the modern style is ideal for you. Modern design is all about clean lines and clear geometry. So, when you select installations, select ones with geometric appeal, such as a perfectly square planter or smooth globe of a fountain. Additionally, opt for modern materials, such as metal, glass and concrete. These materials help you maintain the clean lines typical of the modern style.

Plant in a Grid

As you get ready to plant, think of your backyard as a grid. Indeed, you could even draw it out with grid lines. Plan just a few installations that square up with that grid. For example, consider adding a corner garden, a foundation garden and a single installation in the center. If you already have installations in your yard, such as a pool, work around this feature but within the grid. For instance, plan a container garden that squares up with both the pool and your fencing plus a strip of lawn in another section of the grid. Such a landscaping approach ensures your backyard stays clean and organized.

Look for Architectural Plants

You want your plantings to be stand-out additions, so look for plants with interesting architecture. As the Landscaping Network explains it, architectural plants are those that present a bold form – they stand out. Examples of architectural plants include giant elephant ears, palm trees, agave and saguaro. Talk to your local landscapers about the plants that thrive in your area to minimize future maintenance.

Add Color and Texture

A color palette helps your interior design stay chic – it works the same with your landscaping. A monochromatic color palette is very sophisticated. You could choose just plants in shades of green. If that's your plan, look for plants with different textures to add visual interest. For example, start with your architectural plant, such as big elephant ears. Add a few surrounding plants with smaller, rounded leaves. Finish off with ornamental grasses, which add a new geometry to your garden.

This principle works with colorful gardening. Let's say you'd like to add flowers to your gardening – simply choose a color and only plant flowers in that color scheme. Add texture the same way as above. So, start with your architectural plant, but instead of another green selection add your flowers. Still finish off with a geometric plant, perhaps a succulent in this case.

Keep your landscaping modern to promote a chic ambience in your backyard.