Have A Bare Concrete Slab Patio In Your Back Yard? What To Change

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If you have a bare concrete slab for a back entertaining area and you want to spruce your backyard up, there are a few affordable things you can do to greatly improve the space. You can turn your currently bare space into a relaxing area to enjoy and entertain. You want to add some overhead features and some items that give the space dimension. Consider the following possibilities for your backyard around the patio.

Pergola or Patio Cover

Add a vinyl pergola or some type of porch covering over the concrete slab. This will give the space some shade, and it will outline an area for you to put furniture, a grill or other items. The covering can also help you enjoy the area when there is rain or sprinkling, or when you want some protection from the sun. This will also add some aesthetic appeal to the patio area.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall will give you some privacy from people that live beside or behind you, and it will help separate the patio area from your yard. If you are going to add a table and chairs on the patio, a fire pit or other items, and you want some separation from a playset or other outdoor accessories, the retaining wall gives you what you need. This also gives you a backdrop for landscaping around the patio. You can even add a grill into a retaining wall, so it's flush and looks like a part of the patio.

Tall Landscaping

Put in some tall pines or other bushes to help add some privacy to the backyard, and to help fill the space. There are many trees that you can plant that will grow quickly so you can get the greenery and privacy that you want without having to wait for years. The landscaping is also going to help the property look more mature and lush.

If you have a bare backyard and nothing to look at and nowhere to sit and enjoy yourself when you walk out the back door to your patio, it's time to make some changes so you can turn the area into an outdoor living space. These subtle changes are all going to make a big difference when you look at the property, and they will help you dedicate an area in the backyard where you can lounge, dine, and entertain guests. 

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