When Should You Remove A Tree?: 3 Reasons

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Deciding when to remove a tree from your lawn can be a difficult decision. Some occasions do not demand an immediate decision, but others require that you remove a tree from your property as soon as you can. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of a few occasions when it is highly recommended that you remove a tree from your property.

Pest Infestations

Go through and thoroughly examine both the bark and roots of the trees that adorn your land in order to make sure that they are not full of pests, such as insects and rodents. It is a rare case when you will have to remove the entirety of the tree, roots and all, due to an insect or rodent infestation, but such occasions do exist. For example, if you find an abundance of wood boring insects, like termites or various beetles, or you notice that dangerous insects like hornets have taken residence in your tree, then it might be prudent to remove the entirety of the tree in question. In some occasions, rats can even make nests in small trees or bushes. In order to impede the spread of rats, it is highly recommended that you remove the tree. 

Branch Problems

Simply pruning your tree can lead to you ridding yourselves of issues with your tree's branches. There are a few occasions where branches getting out of hand might create conditions where it is easier to remove the tree, however. Branches that are rotting from inward on out are usually a sign that the entirety of your tree is dying. This could be from disease, negligence on your behalf, or due to infestations. This can eventually lead to the branches falling off your tree. This can cause damage to your own property, your neighbors' property, or worse yet, may result in injury unless the tree is properly removed by a tree removal service.

Location Of The Tree

A tree that was placed in an inconvenient spot for growth may wind up being a cause for concern. A tree that is too close to your house, for example, might cause damage to your siding or windows. A tree that is on your property, but has branches that extend onto your neighbor's lawn might cause damage to their property, as well. Worse yet, trees that block your house from receiving sunlight can create conditions in which mold can form on your home.

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